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A Nod to 30


"There are too many books I haven’t read, too many places I haven’t seen, too many memories I haven’t kept long enough." - Irwin Shaw

A Nod to 30

Lizzie Williams

Last week I turned 31. As I reflected on "year 30" I couldn't help but feel: this was the best one yet. I am happy. I work with a bunch of funny, smart, inspiring peeps, I have the best partner in the whole dang world (or at least for sure, Grand Rapids), I've had the chance to develop an awesome relationship with his super rad little dudes, and there was no shortage of great times spent with my friends and family. As Macklemore and Kesha have recently reminded me, "someday, these will be the good ol' days." - and I feel that. And am holding on and appreciating them as much as I possibly can. 

So, you know the saying "that which gets measured gets done"? Well, I certainly believe it, which is why I'm a bucket list tracker. So, I feel pretty good about checking a significant number of items off my list in year 30. For anyone who cares, here's the run down:

  • Donate my hair (to Children with Hair Loss since they are in Michigan, and they accept color-treated hair)
  • Hire an interior designer to help me “finish” my house (s/o Kelley Hughes & Fernando Ramirez!)
  • Write a full rap song & record a vid (thanks to Tikh for bringing this magic to life!)
  • Visit Toronto
    • Eat fresh ramen in Chinatown
    • Go to the top of the CN Tower
  • Visit Thailand (Thanks for the invite, Melissa!)
    • Get a <$15 massage on the beach
    • Visit an elephant sanctuary
    • Enjoy $2 pad thai
  • Explore Michigan:
  • Explore the Norfolk, VA Neon District
  • Eat fresh oysters on the East Coast (Virginia)
  • Attend an Aircraft Carrier Commissioning (Thanks to my dad for the invite!)
  • Maintain a close relationship with Bob Carlson for the remainder of his life 
  • Honor Lambie by having her portrait painted
  • Go on an "adult job shadow" (Thanks to my cousin Jenn for having me to Dow!) 
  • Go Fat Tire biking along the lake-shore (thanks to Melissa Werkman/Moxie Wild for this opportunity!)
  • Take a self defense class (tried out some Brazilian jujitsu, what what!)
  • Take a macrame class (thanks to Light Studio for hosting!)
  • Complete a five year “one line a day” journal
  • Have an article I wrote published somewhere other than on this blog. :) (Thanks West Michigan Woman for helping me accomplish this!)
  • Go see Hamilton in Chicago (thank youuuu Caitlin!!)

(Also, in case you're wondering - YES, sometimes I do go back and ADD things!!! It's a fun way to build out a big a$$ list of awesome memories.)

Do you have a bucket list?? If so, would you consider sharing it with me? I'm so intrigued by other peoples lists!