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"There are too many books I haven’t read, too many places I haven’t seen, too many memories I haven’t kept long enough." - Irwin Shaw

Easy Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer

Lizzie Williams

Thought I'd share a few ways to spread holiday cheer, that I learned from watching my parents:

  • Tip that faithful mail carrier of yours! They are sloshin’ up your sometimes-not-yet-shoveled sidewalk to make sure you get all those cute holiday cards, so I’d say they deserve some love. (How? Just clip a card to your mailbox with a gift card or a little cash inside.)
  • Also, consider tipping your trash collectors. When you take your trash out to the curb leave an extra bag clearly labeled for them (i.e. “TO: Eastown’s #1 refuse collectors!”) and have some goodies inside – snacks, a gift card, whateva!
  • Wipe the snow off of someone else’s car. SO simple, but SO nice when it happens.
  • Shovel/Snow-blow someone’s side walk for them. (!)
  • Make a year-end donation to one of your favorite local non-profits. (Need some recs? Happy to chat!)
  • Don't forget about the animals! (I know Kent County Animal Shelter is asking for donated cans of Reddi-wip or Coolwhip to fill their kongs.) These pups definitely deserve a little holiday treat!
  • Thank people for all the ways they influenced your life over the past year. Card, email, sticky-note, over a beer - doesn't matter the method.

What are some other small little ways to help bring cheer over the holidays??

Remembering Lambie

Lizzie Williams

A little over a year ago I lost my sweet little Lambie. I had a two week stint where I was traveling a bunch for work and weddings and - despite my better judgement - I brought her with me. At some point, the only thing I can reason is that she fell out of my bag. I couldn't believe it. She's been by my side for almost 30 years. I tore my house apart looking for her. I interrogated Barlow. I posted on lost-and-found Facebook pages and scoured Craigslist. I called every airport I flew through and every uber driver who had given me a ride. I reached out to every hotel I stayed at, as well as their off-site laundry providers. Nothing.

Now, I know I'm 30. And, I know how weird it sounds, but I was absolutely crushed.

Even though I never did find Lambie, a friend-of-a-friend, Catherine Slaymaker, made this beautiful 6in x 6in painting  of Lambie that now lives next to my bed. It's not the same as having that little body next to me as I sleep, but it is one of my favorite things in my whole house.

I was thinking about it last night and just wanted to say thanks to Caye for sharing her talents with me. And thanks to my friend Molly Crist, for initially introducing us! AND, last but not least, thanks to my cousin Laura for hand making that outfit she’s wearing in the painting. 😍❤️😭 .

A Heavily Michigan Inspired Holiday Gift Guide

Lizzie Williams

Every year I send my co-worker a little holiday gift guide to (hopefully) spark some inspiration as he begins his holiday gift hunt for his kids and their spouses. (They are all around my age.) This year, I thought I'd share an extended version of that list with the rest of you.

Best of luck on your shopping adventures! I encourage you to challenge yourself to skip Amazon Prime this year and give some of our  local Michigan gems a try. ;)  

Celebrating 5 Years at OST

Lizzie Williams

When I was 13 my friend Rachel and I would rap battle while waiting for the bus to pick us up and take us to the ski hill. My love for the flow has only grown since then. So, to celebrate my 5 year anniversary at OST, I figured it was about time I record my first official rap. 

One thing I learned during this experience is: it's SOOO much more awkward to rap out loud in front of people than it is to sing them in my head. Thankfully my wonderfully patient friend Tikhi Bana graciously coached me through it. ;) (Thanks Tikh!) 

Another thing I learned through this process? Having a chorus definitely helps. 2.5 straight minutes of rap is tough. Next time!! 


Datability Ranking of the men featured on 'Gilmore Girls'

Lizzie Williams

This is perhaps the most juvenile post I’ve ever written - ohh well! Since I just spent the past 6-9 months binge watching every episode of the Gilmore Girls I often found myself wondering -- Who would I want to date/marry if I were one of the Gilmore Girls?! It might SEEM easy to decide while you’re early in the Dean/Jess phase to pick one or the other, but when you’re watching the full story unfold, episode after episode, year after year, it feels much harder to decide with certainty. Well, I took some time and I've figured it out. Below is my official datability assessment of the Gilmore Girls men, based on watching all 157 episodes. (Note: I figured out that watching 157 episodes equates to roughly 7,245 minutes, or, 120 hrs 45 mins, or 5.03 FULL days of straight Gilmore Girls - what an accomplishment!)

The official datability ranking of all the (primary) Gilmore Girls men:

  1. Dave Rygalski (I mean, right? Was so sweet/thoughtful/amazing to Lane back in the day. Also, so cute.)
  2. Logan Huntzberger (Again, right? I don’t need to tell you why he’s easily crushable.)
  3. Max Medina (Such a smart, sweet dude!)
  4. Luke Danes (Love me some Luke, but boy would prob drive me a little nutty when he gets in his stubborn moods.)
  5. Christopher Hayden (Chris is smart/hot/funny but that flakiness would prob be too much for me.)
  6. Tristan DuGrey (Yes, this is 100% based on looks.)
  7. Marty (MARTY! I was all about him until he was so odd in later seasons. Prob has some issues to work out.)
  8. Dean Forester (Sorry #TeamJess, I’ve always been #TeamDean - which I do find a little surprising about myself, but I can’t help that I’m (almost) always drawn to the good guys!)
  9. Jess Mariano (Only post-college Jess. I would never have been able to tolerate his youthful shenanigans.)
  10. Richard Gilmore (Don’t hate! Richard’s a solid dude! Martinis + hanging at The Club all day? Doesn’t sound that bad!)
  11. Jason Stiles (Funny-ish, smart - but too douchey to date long-term.)
  12. Jackson Belleville (Jackson is nice, but I am 0% attracted to him.)
  13. Zach Van Gerbig (Zach drove me NUTS. I think he’s okay looking but I just could not date him. He has virtually no substance.)
  14. Taylor Doose (TAY IS CRAY. Also, he might be gay?)
  15. T.J. (I shudder a bit at the thought of kissing TJ, Liz’s husband,  because he’s so childish, and odd, but he is still not in absolute last place.)
  16. Kirk Gleason (This has got to be universally agreed upon, right?)

Would love to hear how your datability lists compare! ;)

 The Top 9. ;) 

The Top 9. ;) 

(Note: This is who I would date, not who I necessarily think Lorelai/Rory should date.)