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Easy Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer


"There are too many books I haven’t read, too many places I haven’t seen, too many memories I haven’t kept long enough." - Irwin Shaw

Easy Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer

Lizzie Williams

Thought I'd share a few ways to spread holiday cheer, that I learned from watching my parents:

  • Tip that faithful mail carrier of yours! They are sloshin’ up your sometimes-not-yet-shoveled sidewalk to make sure you get all those cute holiday cards, so I’d say they deserve some love. (How? Just clip a card to your mailbox with a gift card or a little cash inside.)
  • Also, consider tipping your trash collectors. When you take your trash out to the curb leave an extra bag clearly labeled for them (i.e. “TO: Eastown’s #1 refuse collectors!”) and have some goodies inside – snacks, a gift card, whateva!
  • Wipe the snow off of someone else’s car. SO simple, but SO nice when it happens.
  • Shovel/Snow-blow someone’s side walk for them. (!)
  • Make a year-end donation to one of your favorite local non-profits. (Need some recs? Happy to chat!)
  • Don't forget about the animals! (I know Kent County Animal Shelter is asking for donated cans of Reddi-wip or Coolwhip to fill their kongs.) These pups definitely deserve a little holiday treat!
  • Thank people for all the ways they influenced your life over the past year. Card, email, sticky-note, over a beer - doesn't matter the method.

What are some other small little ways to help bring cheer over the holidays??